The Apocalypse survivors wear Marine Serre for FW19

In a large warehouse, just outside Paris, apocalypse has struck and the future is now. All those that survived emerged from darkened corners surrounded by halos of toxic greens and pulsating reds, only to disappear as quickly as they appeared. Each figure marched by in a trance, as if they had forgotten what it was to be human. Their faces clad in fitted masks in attempt to survive longer, fashionably. Their bodies wrapped and draped in an electric array of colour with crescent moons imprinted on a second skin and shells and chains dangling from wrists, earlobes or moulded to fabrics. 

Stepping foot in a world created by Marine Serre titled Radiation, was not just a fantastical time travelling experience, momentarily detaching us from today, but presented elements of both the past we know and the future which may just be a lot closer than we think. 

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